Win Over Loss: Products To Combat Hair Loss

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Don’t sweat failing follicles, writes Grooming Editor Elisabeth King, when a range of products out there can help the man battling thinning hair.


It’s long been known that 40 per cent of men suffer from thinning hair by the time they reach their late twenties. But a new study from Evolis, maker of the first scientifically proven, over-the-counter hair loss products launched in Australia for 20 years, makes even grimmer reading. One in three 18- to 24-year-olds have already experienced hair loss. Older Aussies rightly blame ageing as the major cause of a thinning thatch, but 63 per cent of 18- to 34-year-olds believe that stress is the reason their locks aren’t as luxurious as they once were.

Millennials who suffer from hair thinning and loss are more likely to feel depressed than their older counterparts, reports the survey. A loss of confidence and feeling self-conscious add to the misery. With seven out of 10 Australians of all ages blaming stress for hair fall-out, there’s been an upsurge of new hair loss, strengthening and volumising products hitting the market. Here are some of the main contenders…

Evolis Shampoo and Tonic For Men

Long before you’ve become a regular wearer of headgear to hide a receding hairline or bald patch, odds are you’ve tried something to hold on to the falling strands. Hair loss is hereditary, but blame the FGF5 gene rather than your parents. Evolis Tonic uses breakthrough technology featuring an active botanical which inhibits FGF5 to reduce hair loss and increase the number of follicles on the head. Use in tandem with Evolis Shampoo, which enhances hair growth and strength and provides instant volume via a catch-and-release polymer. Better yet, both products have been scientifically proven to reduce hair loss in just 12 weeks.


RRPs $35.95 and $59, respectively;


Aveda Invati Men Nourishing Exfoliating Shampoo and Scalp Revitalizer

Let’s state the claim most males are desperate to hear. In clinical tests, this one-two system improved the look of thinning hair in four out of five men. Whether you use them as a preventative measure or are already battling early to moderate thinning, the shampoo kicks off the action by removing pore-clogging buildup and sebum with naturally-sourced salicylic acid. A prep step to the leave-in revitalising treatment that increases micro-circulation to increase hair health and growth.


RRPs $49 and $89, respectively;


Klorane Quinine Shampoo, Conditioner and Strengthening Serum

Celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, Klorane is the number one haircare brand in European and French pharmacies. Problem-solving is a core strength and this quinine-rich lineup has posted double-digit growth in Australia over the past two years. In addition to high-performance quinine, other key ingredients include B vitamins and caffeine to help treat permanent and temporary hair loss whether the cause is ageing, heredity, illness or stress. With regular use of all three products, hair appears thicker and stronger as the micro-circulation in the scalp is stimulated.


Shampoo and Conditioner, each $10.95; Strengthening Serum, $32.95; pharmacies nationwide.


Kevin Murphy Repair-Me

Few experts know more about boosting hair health than Kevin Murphy, whose high-tech products are sold in 40 countries. The Melbourne maestro has launched three treatment products boosted by encapsulated proteins that strengthen hair without weighing it down. The trio – Repair-Me Wash ($42.95), Rinse ($43.95) and Re.Store ($49.95) – reconstruct, repair and increase the elasticity and strength of weak and damaged hair.


Available from


Fat muk Volumising Blowout Mousse

The new crop of men’s hair products promise to do everything bar clean the bathroom floor. But oldies are goodies when it comes to pumping up the volume of fine hair. Mousse is unbeatable for keeping thinner strands in place. Use on wet hair for a sleek look or dry hair to shape, hold and re-do your hairstyle without stickiness during the day. With a unique polymer system, this multi-tasker also locks out humidity and protects and conditions the hair.




VO5 Extreme Style Matt Fibre

Gel on thinning hair advertises, rather than conceals, the fact that your crowning glory has lost a lot of its oomph. What’s needed is texture and fullness without any sheen to keep the sun from shining through to the scalp. This reasonably priced hair builder from the number one men’s styling brand in the UK is easy to wash out, too.