What To Do With Your Beard This Summer?

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Aiden Xydis, who does grooming on Men’s Style shoots and owns The Men’s Grooming Room in Sydney, offers some timely advice…

You’ve been cultivating your Ned Kelly all winter . . . but what should you do now that the weather’s warming up?

Summer’s a difficult time to carry around a face forest, so there’s every chance you’re staring longingly at your clippers.

But be warned: who could forget the hammering Kit Harington copped when he went from rugged Jon Snow to clean-shaven baby face overnight in June.

Kit Harington, before…
… and after a shave.

The solution? Trim, don’t shave. Aiden Xydis, barber and owner of The Men’s Grooming Room in Sydney, tells Men’s Style the number of full-on bushrangers has dwindled, as more blokes opt for a more contoured and structured style.

Fresh look

Rather than the bushy lumberjack vibe, Xydis says, “Think straight lines, cut-throat shaves, keeping it well groomed at all times.” A shorter beard refreshes your look, suits the warmer weather, and can shave years off your appearance . . . hopefully not as many as baby-face Harington, though.

Actor Chris Pine does well-groomed beard.


Take some weight off your face in the warmer months by squaring off your beard under the chin to emphasise your jawline. Don’t trim it right on the jawline itself — this shortens the neck and creates the appearance of a double chin — but lower down on the neckline instead, perhaps with a fade between the Adam’s apple and the point of the jaw.


Take care

Trimming an inch or two makes it easier to groom your facial year during the sweatier time of year, when a good beard shampoo and conditioner is crucial to cleanse and exfoliate the skin — especially if your face has been hiding behind whiskers for a while. And swap your warm, woody beard oil for something light and citrusy to suit the season.