The Six Hairstyles That’ll Be Huge In 2017

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The looks that are set to dominate men’s hair trends in the coming year…

Extra long hair

Gone are the days when long hair is tamed by the controversial man bun — 2017 is the year to lose the hair tie and let it flow, lads. Shoulder-length hair requires a lot of maintenance but it’s worth it for that rugged, virile look, especially when paired with a beard.


Buzz cut

At the other end of the length spectrum, the shaved head is another edgy, masculine look that never really goes out of fashion and also matches facial hair nicely. The buzz cut doesn’t work for everyone, but they look great on a rectangular or oval-shaped face — and if the full-on shaved head is too harsh, opt for a popular faded buzz cut, which has the benefit of growing out nicely.


Mid-length hair

The messy, 1970s-style haircut — sitting over the ears but above the shoulders — has been a huge trend on this season’s autumn-winter runways in the Northern Hemisphere. Like extra-long hair, mid-length hair demands constant washing and conditioning to nourish it and boost its shine.


Slicked back hair

An old-school do that’s become a contemporary favourite, this 1950s style isn’t going anywhere in 2017. The slick, shiny, gentlemanly look suits the proportions of a square-jawed, rectangular face and comes in a wide range of styles that utilise gel or pomade in various ways.



Bowl cut

Unsighted since they fell off the throne they commanded in the 1990s, the bowl is back! Far from that daggy school photo from 1995 that makes you cringe when you see it now, the dated mushroom style has been replaced by a messier, edgier range that will spring up everywhere next year.



Middle parting

Another 1990s favourite — Leonardo DiCaprio’s do in Titanic and David Beckham’s style at the height of Posh and Becks mania — the curtain cut is also poised for a revival. Emerging from the undercut phenomenon, a mid-length middle part particularly suits blokes with glossy, straight hair.