The Six Grooming Items Bearded Men Must Own

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Full facial hair is not as trendy as a couple of years ago but many men still rock a beard… and this is what they need to keep it looking schmick.


The hair growing on your chin is still hair, after all, so it requires a quality conditioner to keep it soft and supple. A scented conditioner made of natural oils (there’s a world of these to choose from, from almond and avocado to chamomile and lavender) locks in moisture and prevents your strands from appearing too dry and wiry. Shampooing, on the other hand, strips the hair of its natural oils and dehydrates your face, especially if you give it a nice rough lather-up.


A fine-toothed comb gets all the strands pointing in the same direction downwards from the face, making the beard appear fuller and healthier, and less like a tangle of steel wool, by straightening out any stray fluffy bits. It’s also essential to distribute your moisturising beard oil from root to tip.


A boutique industry is thriving thanks to the facial hair phenomenon of recent years, with bearded blokes keen to clean, soften, and moisturise their facial fuzz — do your research and find one whose fragrance you’re a fan of. You only need five or six drops of oil combed through your beard to hydrate the skin, maintain a healthy shine, reduce itch, and provide a pleasant scent.


The beard trimmer is an especially important tool now that full-blown bushrangers are out and tighter, more sculpted facial hair is in. Employ a no.1 or no.2 guard to maintain stylish stubble, fade the your follicles a couple of inches below your jawline to tidy up the margins of your beard, or give yourself a general trim at least every month or so to get rid of split ends.


A sharp pair of barber scissors is another weapon you need in your arsenal to style your facial hair. Only trim dry hair and remember to cut only a little at a time — be patient and don’t lop off huge chunks that you can’t take back.

Nose trimmer

Not for grooming your beard per se, but a useful tool if your nostril strands start wandering out of their nose holes and link up with your moustache (never a good look). Targeting the follicles that are too painful to tweeze, a nose and ear hair trimmer is a handy addition to your bathroom cabinet to keep you looking a little sharper than your hirsute-in-all-the-wrong-places grandpa.