The Right Hair Style For Your Hair Type

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For your best look, make sure your ‘do is appropriate for the kind of hair you have. 

Fine hair

Fine hair appears thinner when it’s all cut at one length, so an undercut style makes your mane look fuller — you don’t have the volume required for a quiff so just let your locks sit naturally. The slick hair trend shows no signs of dying and fine hair is easy to slick back with a strong hold gel, while fine hair also suits a longer cut even though plenty of maintenance is needed to keep it looking glossy — that means brushing it with a wide-toothed comb when dry (not wet) to avoid split ends, and rinsing it with cold water rather than warm to retain moisture.



Thick hair

Despite its versatility, cutting thick hair too short on the sides and too long on top makes it grow out in a top-heavy way — instead, subtle fades and layers styled with a product boasting plenty of hold are your go-to styles, even taking advantage of your extra volume by making a statement with a quiff or pompadour. For longer locks, tame frizz with a quality pomade, containing the bulk of the mane in a low man bun.


Curly hair

Curls aren’t as easy to worth with but there’s no shortage of good options — show off your natural texture with an undercut or add a new curly dimension to the traditional pompadour, styled with a mousse. For longer curls, a medium-length bob frames your face and adds definition to your face, especially for men with a square jaw, or long messy curls styled with a beachy sea-salt spray produce a laid-back look. If all this maintenance sounds like too much of a chore, grab the clippers and go for a buzz cut.


Thinning hair

A high-and-tight military crew cut or an all-over shave is a timeless, masculine classic that helps mask thinning hair, but it doesn’t work for everyone — buzz cuts don’t flatter men with small heads or unusual-shaped noggins. Instead, a short crop adds volume or a mop top keeps everything up there looking nice and busy, creating the illusion of thicker hair than you actually have. On the other hand, combing back or applying gel to thin hair . . . big mistake.