The pros and cons of fake tanning

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Are you the type of man who’ll get his tan from a can this winter?


Enjoying that bronzed look without a deadly dose of Vitamin D is the most obvious plus, but there are plenty of other good reasons to get your tan from the contents of a can. Spray tans, in particular, provide coverage that’s hard to achieve naturally, and it’s certainly a quicker (and less painful) process then hobbling around sunburned for a couple of days before shedding your peeling skin like a snake to reveal a bronze bod. Heading into autumn, your beach days are numbered, so fake tan is your only option to maintain that summery glow — and the extra confidence it gives you — all year round. Various polls have shown that around a quarter of blokes have dipped their toe into a tanning gel, lotion, or spray, so you’re certainly not alone.



Do it wrong and you risk looking like an Oompa Loompa, a background extra on Geordie Shore, the unhinged reality TV star currently living in the White House . . . you’ve heard all the jokes before. But even when you don’t look like a walking, talking mandarin, you’re sure to cop a ribbing from your mates — when you rock up to work glowing a bronze Adonis on a Monday morning, your colleagues know you haven’t just ducked over to the Caribbean for a couple of days of beach time. Also on the negative side of the ledger are the health risks associated with the DHA chemical found in aerosol spray tans — avoid breathing in those fumes when you’re applying it to your body — and the cost associated with maintaining a good fake tan. The cheap stuff washes off easily, but if you regularly go to a professional, you’re going to rack up some serious bills. Decisions, decisions.


Do it right

If you’re worried about all the fake tan products already on the shelves being a little too feminine for your testosterone-fuelled tastes, then your prayers have been answered. Australia’s most popular fake tan brand, Bondi Sands, has launched the country’s first male-specific tanner — a foam that’s less shiny on your skin, dries quicker, and carries a less sweet fragrance, with notes of coconut and cocoa instead. “We didn’t create the product because men can’t use any of the other products in our range,” Bondi Sands co-founder Blair James told the Huffington Post last month. “We simply believed that those guys who already tanned or wanted to start tanning would enjoy a product more tailored towards men’s preferences.” Whether you’re using the super-blokey coconut smelling stuff or one of the regular products on the market, make sure you trim any body hair, then exfoliate, clean, and dry your skin before applying the lotion, gel, or spray slowly and carefully for the best results.


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