The Grooming Products You Need This Spring

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Grooming editor Elisabeth King helps you make the right choices to avoid the pitfalls of the spring social season.

You’ve planned what to wear – smart casual and formal – put a gleaming shine on your shoes and given fair warning to your liver. But there’s plenty of potential pitfalls for your looks.

Preparation is key for a stress-free Spring Racing and party season. As far as your skin and hair are concerned that means upgrading to quality products, not developing the time-consuming habits of a gigolo or cutting too many corners.

Sometimes that means added expense; sometimes it doesn’t. Many upmarket products have added benefits such as richer formulas that go further and more advanced technology. In other words, they do more and you can use less, saving precious time. Then there are the classy finishes and aromas that can be detected 100 metres away by women, waitstaff, rivals and colleagues.

Convenience and effectiveness have a major part to play, too. That’s why we’ve selected cult repair products to deal with the wear and tear of a busy social life – from chapped lips to chafing and cuts – fast.

Tom Ford
For Men Exfoliator
The design maestro’s men’s grooming and fragrance business is on track to become a billion dollar brand over the next few years. A spectacular success centred on Mr Ford’s dictum – “Fine grooming is the mark of a modern gentleman.” This upscale exfoliator not only revitalises the skin for that healthy/wealthy look, it also provides an enhanced base
for a closer shave. $75;, David Jones and Harrolds Luxury Boutiques.


Avene Cicalfate
Repair Cream
This cure-all healer is enjoying double-digit sales growth in Australia. You may be having a lot of fun, but non-stop activity stresses the skin and there’s the ever present danger of taking a tumble. Keep a small tube at hand to deal with a laundry list of problems from cuts, burns and grazes to chafing, chapping, dryness and facial irritation from shaving more often than usual. From $15.95; pharmacies nationwide.


Bleu de Chanel
Shave In Style Collection
Bleu de Chanel’s ascent to the top of the prestige fragrance rankings in the US and Australia in recent years has given it the confidence to launch a shaving collection. Whether you’re after the clean-shaven, supple look or need to customise facial hair, the translucent texture of Bleu de Chanel Shaving Cream offers clear visibility. The water-like texture of Bleu de Chanel Hydrating After Shave Gel soothes. Both are scented, so layer with the fragrance.
Both $87; (02) 9900 2944.



S.O.S Labbra
Lip Balm
Wind, sun and even pleasurable activities involving your lips can take its toll. Make this all-natural lip balm your Italian wingman. Packed with capers, olive leaves, prickly pear and virgin beeswax, a patented Skinsave complex keeps your kisser as smooth as a Latin lover’s. $7.95; Priceline and pharmacies.


Shiseido MEN
Hydro Master Gel
Even genetically blessed male models and celebs can look rough when the pace of life accelerates. David Beckham’s top skincare tip is “get a lot of sleep”. When that’s an impossibility and the texture of your skin starts to go downhill, this high spec gel smooths out any coarseness and dryness and also regulates oil control if the strain of the high life has kicked production up a notch. The calming fragrance dials down mental stress into the bargain. $57; Myer, David Jones and Sephora stores.


Lab Series
PRO LS All-in-One
Shower Gel
According to a recent survey, the average man spends five hours a week getting ready for work. When you have much less time to spare, streamlining the grooming routine is a must. There’s no need to skimp on the final result with this nourishing 4-in-1 gel. The rich formula cleanses the face, hair and body and doubles as a shave gel. $35; selected Myer and David Jones and


City Block Purifying Charcoal Cleansing Gel
The activated variety of charcoal acts like a magnet to attract dirt, oil, cigarette smoke residue and other party atmosphere pollutants. Glycerin and caffeine are on hand to pump in moisture and act as an anti-irritant.


Upper Cut
Deluxe Mini Styling Collection
Time was you had to pick a hairstyle until you and everyone else was tired of looking at it. Today’s men’s stylists specialise in ‘chameleon’ cuts that can be shaped to fit any occasion by using different hair products – whether you are entertaining key clients at a big match or turning on the charm. Upper Cut Deluxe has launched a quartet of mini tins designed to make things easier on the run whatever persona you adopt – Deluxe Pomade, Matt Clay, Featherweight and Monster Hold. $30;



ClarinsMen Line Control Eye Balm
When the champagne or craft beer is flowing, it’s easy to forget that your eyes could pay a big price in the morning. Throw in lack of sleep and dark circles and puffiness are a dead cert. To re-boot the bright-eyed look and look more alert, the fast-acting bison grass and sea pine extracts in this smooth-as balm also tighten and firm the skin. $52; department stores and selected pharmacies.


Kiehl’s Age Defender Power Serum
Part of Kiehl’s new age-fighting range, this hard-working rejuvenator penetrates more deeply than a moisturiser. More than 90 per cent of men in clinical studies said their skin felt smoother and more youthful following regular use. Pore size decreased and facial contours felt firmer, too. Containing cypress extracts and proteins, a drop or two in the morning and evening also helps to camouflage sagging. $70;