The Four Steps to a Perfect Hairstyle

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Get your ‘do just right by following this simple plan.

Choose the right ‘do

Head to the salon armed with plenty of research — you wouldn’t rock up to buy a suit or a pair of formal shoes without doing any homework, and you shouldn’t to a salon, either. Understand which styles suit your face shape — tight cuts complement square heads, rounder noggins are flattered by square ’dos made up of short sides and volume on top, oval face shapes are versatile, while too much height on top exaggerates the length of rectangular faces. The opinion of the bloke holding the scissors counts for plenty, too . . .


Find a great barber

Although you’ve done your own investigation, be open-minded to the your barber’s suggestions — he does this for a living, after all. You’re looking for someone who you’re comfortable having an open conversation with, someone receptive to honest feedback and specific instructions. How to find him? Ask people for recommendations — when a stylish cut catches your eye, on your local barista or barman or a colleague at work, ask them where they had it done. And when you find the right salon, stick with it — your barber gets to know your head shape, your hair type, what works and what doesn’t, helping achieve the best result.


Take care of your mane

Most blokes overlook conditioner and blow-drying, but they’re pivotal steps to maintaining and styling your hairdo. Conditioner is a moisturiser — it adds nutrients to your strands — and it’s especially important for thick hair, especially if you’re shampooing regularly and washing away a lot of the natural oils that nourish your strands. The hair dryer is controversial because it can dry out your hair, but it also primes your locks for product and adds density to thin (and thinning) hair. And talking of maintenance, schedule regular appointments at the salon every four to eight weeks to make sure your ‘do is always looking sharp.


Use the right product

Your barber is the man who can educate you on the galaxy of different styling products to choose from, and what products suit your type of hair — wax offers medium hold and low shine for straight or wavy hair, pomade supplies a lot of hold and maximum shine for slicked-back cuts like the pompadour, and styling cream adds shine but little hold to long and curly locks, for instance. And choosing the right product isn’t the only key — you need to apply it right, too. That means applying evenly from roots to tips in small, gradual amounts in order to avoid a Something About Mary moment with an unsightly blob of goo on your scalp.