The Five Keys to Dealing with Oily Skin

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Avoid excessive ‘shiny face’ with some essential grooming tips…

Eat and drink right

This tip isn’t exclusive to guys prone to oily skin, nor is it breaking any new ground, but eating a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water can greatly improve the state of your skin — how often do you see a guy with a remarkably radiant complexion tucking into a double burger and a can of soft drink? Swap refined carbs for wholegrains, sugar for fruit, fatty meats for lean alternatives, cut down on salt and alcohol, and guzzle that water like there’s no tomorrow.


Find the right cleanser

No fragrance, no drying cleansing ingredients, no oil (duh), and no residue — that’s what you’re looking for in a cleanser, the first step in your oily skincare regimen. Twice-daily cleansing shouldn’t aggravate or dry out your skin, so even once you’ve found the right cleanser, be really gentle — a soft going-over with a washcloth is much better for your face than a rough scrub.


And the right exfoliant

Build-up of excess oil plus clogged pores equals break-outs of pimples, and come on, we should all leave acne behind in high school. Salicylic acid — write that down — is the magic ingredient you’re looking for in an exfoliant, which should be gently scrubbed into your skin — particularly the greasy pores around the nose — two or three times a week.

Resist the urge to wash all the time

It might feel great to wipe away all the oil but regular washing isn’t doing your skin any favours over the long haul — removing all that sebum just ramps up the production of oil because it’s telling your body to produce more and more and more to replenish what’s being washed away. You only need to wash your face twice a day — when you shower in the morning and before going to bed — with your cleanser.


 It might feel counter-intuitive to add more moisture to an oily face but the right moisturiser is actually good for your skin — a light, oil-free product won’t block your pores and reduces that greasy shine on your forehead. Look for words like ‘mattifying’ and ‘Vitamin C’ on the label.