The Best Haircuts To Wrangle Thick Hair

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If you have a healthy thicket of hair on your head you’ll know how difficult it can be to manage… perhaps you have the wrong ‘do?

Slicked back

This is a style that thinning blokes can’t pull off — pulling back their thinning strands with an oily product only exposes more of the scalp — but if you’re blessed with a thicker mane, grab the chance to rock this retro style. Ask the barber for about an inch on the sides — not quite as sever as the full skin fade — and four inches on top, then style it with medium-hold gel, paste or pomade in a classic side part.


A short style needs texture — natural waves or curls are a great start, but even blokes with straight thick hair can add definition by asking the barber for a razor cut and employing the right styling products. Thick hair is conducive to messy textured cuts — options include a texturising cream to separate the layers on top, a gel and hairspray to set up spikes, or clay or putty for more low-key, casual styling.


The pompadour endures as one of the most popular cuts in 2017 and thick hair is a must, because it demands plenty of volume to actually stay up, styled with moose then held in place with hairspray. The quiff is a less polished version — the shorter the sides, the more contemporary — and curls or waves provide a more textured spin on the original pompadour.



If you’re lucky enough to have a thick head of hair, take advantage of it with some real length on top and neat tapered sides to provide contrast with the texture on top, and emphasise the natural angles of your face. And for something with even less maintenance, you can lop off your thick locks with a buzz cut — unmistakably masculine and no styling required.

Medium length

This ‘70s-style statement cut has charged back into fashion this year, controlled loosely with styling foam or sea salt spray for that relaxed beachy vibe. It takes six months to a year for your follicles to grow down to your neck, so rock a bob in the meantime — this messy style is particularly popular for blokes with voluminous curls, adding definition to your facial features, especially if you’ve got a particularly square jaw or prominent cheekbones.