Six Post-Summer Skin Problems… and How To Fix Them

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Harsher sunlight can play havoc with your skin and remedial action is required.


Now matter how many times you promise yourself you’ll never make that mistake again, we’ve all come home from a day at the beach looking like a lobster that’s escaped the pot. Time heals all wounds, but to combat the premature ageing caused by sun exposure, apply an aloe-vera gel to soothe the burn.


Too much fake tan

For sun smart blokes who prefer their tan from a can, a full summer of applying self-tanner might have left you resembling the new President of the United States. Get rid of the sickly orange hue by gently exfoliating — don’t be too aggressive, especially on your face, or you’ll irritate your skin.

Fake Tan

Peeling skin

Exfoliant is also the go-to product when you’re shedding like a snake. Take a lukewarm bath to loosen up the skin, then gently exfoliate with a cloth, dry yourself, apply an aloe vera lotion to the affected area, then curl up in bed in a ball of shame to admonish yourself for being so careless in the first place.


Chapped lips

Your face and shoulders aren’t the only places that peel because of excessive sun exposure. Apply some invisible zinc to your lips when you’re out in the sun (or some of the white stuff if you want to look like Shane Warne circa 1993), then treat dryness with a lip balm like coconut oil, beeswax, or papaw ointment.



Sweat plus sunscreen can clog your pores, so summer is prime time for breakouts. A good grooming routine incorporating exfoliant and moisturiser should keep pimples at bay, but over-the-counter acne treatments are available at pharmacies — including body washes in case tight, sweaty clothes are causing blemishes on your torso.


Dry hair

It’s not just your skin that gets hammered by the sun’s rays, it’s also your hair and scalp. If months of dehydrating sea salt and sun has left your hair brittle and your scalp flaky, get your hands on a moisturising hair mask to rejuvenate your dry locks — just add a small amount to towel-dried hair just after shampooing once or twice a week.