Six Grooming Mistakes Not To Make

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Do yourself a favour with these simple tips…

1. Haircut For Your Face Shape

The right haircut and style can do wonders for your face. But get it wrong and you can end up looking like round-faced Charlie Brown or pencil-headed Dilbert. The first step is to honestly appraise your face. You might think you’re chiseled and long-faced like Ryan Gosling when you’re actually rounder of dial. No worries if you’re the latter – Leonardo DiCaprio has done all right for himself with a moon-face. But here’s where hair comes in. Hair that’s long at the side and a front-falling fringe is going to make your face look rounder. So go for short sides, longer and tousled on top with a side part. This framing will accentuate the angles of your face and make it look longer, leaner and more chiseled. Avoid buzz cuts, too, because they’ll emphasise the roundness. If you’re longer-or squarer-faced to start with, you definitely have more options and the only real styles to avoid and the excessively piled-high or growing curly hair long as both will make your face look too narrow.


2. Hair Eruptions

It’s up there with UFOs and Bigfoot as one of the mysteries of the ages: why is it that once men are in their late twenties they suddenly develop the ability to sprout weird stray hairs overnight from the strangest places? They’re unsightly and must be stopped! The key here is vigilance. Each day after you shower, take moment to check your ears, nose, eyebrows and upper arm and shoulders for sudden rogue hair. Use a tweezer to pluck or simply trim with scissors. Nasal hair should be kept in check with a dedicated nostril hair trimmer.



3. Living Under A Cloud

How a gent smells has much to do with how he is received by friends, family, colleagues and potential partners. Stinking up the joint is embarrassing and can have serious ramifications for your personal and professional happiness. Obviously the first step is to wash regularly and thoroughly with a good quality soap or cleanser, paying special attention to your armpits, feet, groin and anywhere else that gets ripest fastest. Use deodorant and a lightly scented moisturiser and don’t be tempted to re-wear clothes: while the armpits to yesterday’s shirt might not pong at 9am, with a few hours more wear you’ll start to reek. Similarly, don’t overdo the fragrances – a tiny spritz on pulse points is sufficient. Another good strategy: keep a spare shirt, T-shirt and socks at work in case you do need to freshen up. If you smoke, wash your hands and face regularly to help reduce the ciggie stench you carry with you. You mightn’t notice your smokiness but other people will.


4. Don’t Dry Out

It’s unpleasant to look at someone who looks like they’re flaking away. Male skin is very susceptible to drying out, particularly in winter or after a big dehydrating night on the drink. So ensure that you moisturise frequently, preferably using a non-greasy product with a built-in SPF15+ sunscreen. Keep a small bottle or tube of moisturizer handy and reapply throughout the day, paying particular attention to your forehead and nose, which dry out fastest.

5. Nail It

It’s amazing how many men take their grooming seriously but still show up to work or events with dirty, cracked and/or overgrown fingernails. It’s not a sign of masculinity to have nails caked with grime, merely an indication that you don’t care for yourself. Trim your nails short or, better still, get a manicure once every few months to have them professionally clipped and filed.


6. Razor Ravages

Disposable razors are called disposable for a reason but all of us are guilty of re-using them too often. Avoid the temptation because blunter blades can rub the skin raw and rip at the hair, sometimes pulling out the follicle, which can lead to painful ingrown hairs. Minute damage to the blade can also result in cuts and an uneven shave. Your blade should glide across your face. So best to dispose of razor cartridges after about five shaves. Your face will thank you.