Should You Be Using Dry Shampoo?

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It’s fast, it’s easy, it rejuvenates your hair, and it only takes a minute — so should you should be pinching your girlfriend’s dry shampoo?

How it works

Dry shampoo comes in an aerosol can — sprayed onto the head then brushed down towards the roots — as well as a powder, or a grainy cream/clay — massaged into the scalp with the fingers. Applied to dry hair (of course), it only takes a minute or two to apply and leaves a dry, clean smell — think of talcum powder, but with none of the powdery residue if you work it in properly. The product works by soaking up the oil in your hair, latching on to that excess sebum like a sponge to remove that shiny layer of grease that builds up in your strands.


Firstly, it’s quick — dry shampoo ‘washes’ away oil without the need for a shower. Secondly, it also acts as a styling product, perfect for getting rid of ‘bed head’ in the morning, helping hold your mane in place. In fact, dry shampoo works like a pomade with its volume, hold, and dry, matte finish. That means it’s great for guys with straight or slightly wavy hair who want to give their strands a bit of extra life — curly headed blokes, on the only hand, don’t need the extra volume, which only makes their hair puffier.


There’s no problem with the product itself — you could give yourself a morning spruce-up seven days a week, if you wanted — but dry shampoo can’t replace the wet stuff, which actually strips away the dirt and excess product and grime that builds up over time, rather than just absorbing some of the oil. You also need to properly condition your hair in the shower to lock in the moisture and maintain a healthy shine — ditching wet shampoo for the dry alternative would leave your locks looking like a ball of frizz. Also, word of warning: many dry shampoos, especially in aerosol form, are loaded with chemicals, so blokes with sensitive skin should read the ingredient list carefully and look for a natural product.

Should you use it?

Stealing your girlfriend’s for a spray as you’re rushing out the door in the morning, keeping a can in your gym bag when you don’t have time to run through your full grooming routine after a workout, using a powder or cream as an alternative to pomade? Absolutely. Should you throw out all the bottles of shampoo and conditioner in your shower? Absolutely not.