Should Men Shave Their Legs?

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Recent polls have shown that roughly half of men are diving into some form of ‘legscaping’ — either completely clean-shaven or at least trimmed. But would you take a razor to your pins?

Why do it?

The man who coined the phrase ‘metrosexual’ 20 years ago, Mark Simpson, has updated his label for today’s generation of body-conscious millennials: “spornosexual”, blokes obsessed with the buff, smooth bodies of sportsmen and porn stars. For a generation of blokes accustomed to looking up to David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo, shaving their legs in an aesthetic choice made in the same of vanity.

Of course, athletes have been shaving their legs for years — to make it easier to remove tape or get a massage, as a pre-emptive way for cyclists to treat road rash and chafing, or to make you that fraction more aerodynamic — and this clean-shaven look in sports has removed the stigma of everyday blokes legscaping.


How to do it?

If you’ve got a full wallet and a high pain threshold, trust the professionals to wax your pins — it lasts longer and looks smoother if you can put up with the intense pain, especially right along the shinbone.

Shaving is another good option with a quality shaving gel and a regular razor — just make sure you shave smoothly upwards from the ankle to avoid grazes, and then moisturise afterwards to keep your skin looking healthy and shiny.

Hair-removal creams, which weaken the hair so it can be wiped away with a wet cloth, are fine for fine hair (like under the arms), but for the type of thick hair you find on your legs, it will leave a patchy result.

A trim is easily performed with the appropriate guard on your beard trimmer — although be careful with the length you choose, because no-one’s a fan of a stubbly leg.

Should you do it?

If you’re playing sport, you’ve been doing it anyway. If you’re a bushy-legged man and want to tidy things up, for sure. If you’re getting a leg tat, it’s good manners to give the artist a nice clean canvas. And hey, in this age of spornosexuals, if you just want to replicate Christiano’s perfectly hairless pegs, then go for it.


Manscaping below the belt has eroded that old-school stigma of shaving being effeminate, so it’s only natural that the razor drifts a little further south to tame your leg hair. Especially if you’re a particularly hairy bloke, embrace that inner spornosexual and streamline your legs.