Five of the Most Popular Men’s Hairstyles, 2016

Categories Grooming

Tapers and close shaves with some length on top is all the rage in men’s hairstyles.

Modern takes on essentially retro looks have been enduringly popular in men’s hairstyles this year. The pomp lives on – medium length hair on top either styled as a very natural fingers-ran-through-the-hair look achieved by a no shine hair hold product, or more textured and worked with a clay or ‘mud’ pomade into spikes or a high pomp. On back and sides, taper “fades” (from the hair to the skin) are more popular than ever, and can be worn either high (closer to the crown) or low (closer to the neck) depending on your preference. Here’s five of the most popular styles this year, with the pictures doing the talking:

Matte Pomp (often worn with a low taper fade)


Natural fingers-through-the-hair pomp


Spikes with an undercut


Natural flow with free movement


Loose side-part with natural (and also loose) pomp