Men’s Style’s Definitive Guide to Fade Haircuts

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Men’s hair styles are all about the fade these days – here’s our guide to the main ones.

Tapered fade

This modified version of the undercut blends smoothly from skin to hair, making it a versatile, popular style. Sharp but not too sharp, the taper normally begins with a No.2-3 clipper at the nape of the neck and gradually fades with the shape of the head.


Low fade

Less subtle than a tapered fade because there’s more scalp on display, the low fade ends halfway down the back and sides. It also suits a beard because the facial hair contrasts with the shave around the hairline.


Mid fade

Doesn’t expose quite as much skin as a high fade but a tick more than a low fade — hence the name. This cut is the perfect middle ground, the blend starting just above the ear.


High fade

The severe contrast between long locks on top and completely shorn back and sides makes this the most eye-catching style of fade. The high fade works well with thick, curly hair, as well as blokes with square or round-shaped heads.


Scissor fade

When the barber ditches the clippers, the result is a safer, subtler, softer style that can be tailored to a specific head shape, especially if you’ve got some bumps and lumps on your noggin.


Temple fade

Remember Pauly D from Jersey Shore? Nor do we. But he pioneered the temple fade, and we’re just glad it didn’t catch on.