Men’s Style Guide to Body Hair Removal

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The when, where and how of removing male body hair.


Tool: Small scissors; specialist electric nose hair trimmer.

Don’t: Penetrate too deeply if using scissors; not use a mirror; pull out deep-rooted hairs with your fingers.

Frequency: The older you get, the thicker and more plentiful the nasal hair, but all men should probably check for stray hairs once a week.



Tool: Small scissors and a hand mirror; you can use your razor – carefully! – if the hair is growing on your lobes; many of the new gen of nose trimmers are also suitable for ears.

Don’t: Insert anything into your ear canal.

Frequency: Ear hair doesn’t generally grow as fast as that in your nose but you should do a sight check every couple of weeks because it’s also not as obvious, to you at least.



Tool: Determine you actually want it removed, or trimmed, and then use a specialist clipper, normal hair clippers, or small scissors. For those who never want to see it again or very irregularly there are of course the more expensive and painful options of waxing and laser removal.

Don’t: Stab yourself; or shave it with a razor, it will likely end in a horrible rash. Even if using clippers, if your chest hair is long and thick to begin, use scissors to first thin it out.

Frequency: Can you see thick dark hair through your white business shirt? Yeah, it might be time.




Tool: Our advice is waxing, done by a professional, rather than a home kit administered by your partner.

Don’t: Expect it to be a walk in the park. Depending on the coverage of hair, ,it will  likely hurt like hell.

Frequency: Right before beach season.



Tool: Small scissors – control is all important here.

Don’t: Do it with a hangover or any other sort of nervous condition.

Frequency: Only when absolutely necessary!