Save Your Skin

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The quick fix plan to detox tired and stressed skin.

L’Occitane Aromachologie Rebalancing Black Soap

Body and face washes now dominate bathrooms but the right soap still has a crucial part to play. If you’ve ever sat in a sauna with a garlic or whisky lover, you know that body skin is affected by diet and lifestyle choices. To get rid of impurities and excess sweat after a workout, scrub yourself all over with a handful of this olive oil and eucalyptus soap which purifies skin by up to 90 per cent. $28;


Dermalogica Charcoal Rescue Masque

Most men spend only a few minutes washing their face, which is too short a time to draw out excess oil and dirt. Environmental pollution can combine with the natural oils in your skin to form a waxy coating leading to inflammation and congestion. Detox your face after the party season with this fast-acting mask, rich in volcanic ash, Japanese charcoal and chemical exfoliants. Skin looks brighter and more supple after one use. If your skin needs an all-out intervention, apply up to four times a week. $65;


PC4Men Soothe + Smooth

After sucking all the gunk out of your face, care must be taken not to repeat the cycle. Almost as light as water, this fast-absorbing lotion tackles red bumps, razor burn, clogged pores, zits and even fine lines. Blemishes are kept at bay and skin looks smooth-as. $38;


Clinique For Men Exfoliating Tonic

A not-so-secret weapon for keeping your face free of dry, dead flakes, this oil-free formula is a revamped version of Clinique’s top-selling Scruffing Lotion. A great prep for shaving, a few swipes combats clogged pores and in-grown hairs to leave the skin squeaky clean and less prone to zits. Also available in an Oil Control version. $36;