Manscaping Mistakes Not To Make!

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Hey guys, take care down there…

There comes a time in every gent’s life when he considers trimming or even doing away with his pubic thatch. For one, a smaller outcrop makes for a larger-looking manhood. Less pubic hair can also increase sensitivity during sex and reduce sweat issues during summer. Plus, it can simply be fun to change things up in the underwear department. But, of course, when you’re taking sharp blades to such a sensitive area, there are plenty of terrible mistakes you can make. Here’s how to avoid them.

1. Trim First

Your pubic hair, including the hair on your scrotum, is thick, wiry and wild. While you can plough in with clippers or even a razor, you’re more likely to overdo it and/or damage yourself. You’re better off to use scissors for a judicious pruning first.

2. Not With The Good Scissors!

Those razor sharp pointy scissors you’ve got in your kitchen drawer that are so handy for opening the insanely complicated packaging that encases everything from memory sticks to powerboards? Yeah, don’t use them. Remember those curved tip scissors you wielded in primary school when doing craft? That’s what you want for this job. Your penis and scrotum have irregular surfaces and it’s extremely easy to nick or even slice into yourself when trimming your pubic hair. Rounded scissors lessen that risk.


3. Take Matters In Hand

The design of your body makes it difficult to see exactly what you’re doing. Using a mirror can lead to all sorts of which-way-am-I-cutting? problems as you’ll know if you’ve ever tried trimming the hair on your head. You’re best off to stand in front of a mirror on a towel that’ll collect the clippings. Trim carefully, using your free hand to keep your junk out of the slicing line. When it comes to stragglers on your penis and scrotum, take extra care, stretching the flesh up tight so the hairs are cleanly exposed but the skin is safe.

4. Clip or Shave

Now’s the time to bring in the clippers or razor. The former will give you a close buzz cut while the former will leave you as clean as Barbie’s Ken. Using clippers on the 1 or 2 setting leaves a pubic shadow and, arguably, looks more masculine. It’s certainly less fraught with danger, though you need to go slow and use the advice in 3. because skin folds can easily be nipped by the clippers. A buzzed pubic thatch is also less likely to lead to ingrown hairs and excessive regrowth itchiness. But if you’re dead-set on shaving, use a new safety razor, apply a lot of lather or gel, constantly rinse your blade and, well, best of luck.


5. Wax On, Wax Off

Of course, if you don’t want to DIY and you want a longer lasting smooth look down there, you can go the professional wax that’ll set you back anywhere from $100 to $200. A few things to remember about this option are: you shouldn’t shave first because the wax needs to adhere to the hairs that are about to be yanked from the roots; it doesn’t hurt as much as the 40 Year-Old Virgin would have you believe; you will itch, have a rash and won’t be able to have sex for a few days because the friction will sting like a mofo. On the upside, you’re certain not to slice open your man sack!