Keeping Your Skin Healthy in Summer

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Summertime really is no holiday for your skin, warns Elisabeth King.

Summer is a time to kick back and be casual. But if you don’t take care of your skin, you could end up looking like one of the aliens from District 9 – a flaky-skinned slum dweller. High temperatures, arctic air conditioning, salty beach air and being out in the sun all day put you on the fast track to dehydrated, prematurely aged skin. Factor in eating and drinking all the wrong things and staying up late, and even your best mate will be reminded that carefree is actually two words, as far as your looks are concerned.

Get Clean
Humidity boosts oil production but put the brakes on using face scrubs. The less skin on your face, the more sun-sensitive it is. A grimy film can trigger breakouts, though, so switch to a gentle but thorough cleanser that will scour pores without drying out your face.

Get Protected
Lawrence of Arabia trademarked the best solar protection – a full body robe and flowing headgear. Prefer a T-shirt and shorts? Then rely on a full-spectrum sunscreen that shields against UV rays and isn’t thick and creamy.

Get Hydrated
As well as turning your skin into an oil derrick, the sun saps moisture. If you want to know what longterm dehydration looks like, check out the lines on the cheeks of any regular surfer aged 30 or more. Your skin needs water, not oil, so pump in the H2O with a fresh gel moisturiser.

Get Tanned
Tanned skin is damaged skin, but most of us see it as a sign of good health and virility in a man.