Is It OK For a Man To Get A Pedicure?

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It’s usually considered something women do but more and more men are getting their gnarly feet seen to…

What is it?

A pedicure is a cosmetic treatment of the toes and feet basically designed to make them look prettier. It’ll set you back $40-$100 — depending on how fancy the salon or spa is, and how long you’re in the chair (normally 30 minutes to an hour) — and it followers this basic routine: the technician clips and shapes your toenails, cleans under the nails, scours dead skin with a pumice stone, applies creams or lotions to dry patches around your feet and ankles, then maybe throws in a massage. Painless? Yes. Tickle-less? No. But don’t worry, you’re not going to kick the pedicurist in the face — they’ve dealt with plenty of ticklish feet before.

What does it do?

A pedicure thoroughly cleans the toenails, gets rid of all that leathery tough old skin around your feet, smooths out callouses, cuts down the cuticle around the toenails and properly shapes the nail itself, which is essential for runners and athletes whose feet cop so much punishment jammed inside their trainers. The hygiene aspect is also pretty important, removing all that bacteria hiding under your nails and between your toes for blokes whose only foot care might involve a splash of water and some soap in the shower. You can also crank up the fanciness of your pedi — with some nourishing gels and ointments, or a glossy polish the nail to prevent them getting stained — as you sit back and relax with a good book or a few levels of Candy Crush while the technician gets to work.

Former PM Tony Abbott indulges himself.

Should you get one?

Anyone who makes fun of you for getting pampered with a pedicure obviously doesn’t know how good it feels to have silky-smooth, callous-free skin on feet that are softer than clouds. Embarrassed about being the only bloke walking into a spa or a salon? Go with someone else like your partner if you’re concerned, but taking care of your feet isn’t anything to be sheepish about — there’s nothing masculine about trotters that resemble a farm animal’s. In fact, toenails so long they start looking like talons or so discoloured they look like a smoker’s fingernails are just the mark of a man who doesn’t know how to take care of himself. Sure, your toe nails aren’t the most viewed part of your body, but you shouldn’t be giving the world and eyeful of toe gunk every time you wear open-toed footwear. And no, a pedicure doesn’t mean you have to get your toenails painted (unless you want to, of course).