How To Tame Your Eyebrows

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The brows are an often neglected part of a man’s body and yet grooming them shows your attention to detail.

Are your eyebrows treading that fine line between Jake Gyllenhaal’s masculine brows and JohnHoward’s out-of-control caterpillars? Then it’s time to tame your Frida Kahlo tribute. Bushy brows are a dead giveaway of a bloke who’s given up on grooming — so what are your options for manscaping your monobrow?


Waxing carries the risk of making your manscaping too obvious, too blocked-off, too square, like those Jersey Shore characters who use a set square to sculpt their beards and draw on their eyebrows with a pencil. But because men’s eyebrows are thicker and wider than women’s, you can get away with a wax without looking too effeminate. Always trust a professional and get your girlfriend’s advice about a salon — come on, you’re waxing your eyebrows, let’s not get too precious about your masculinity — and make sure your instructions are clear: “natural” is the word you need to keep repeating.



See above — you don’t want your brow lines to be too sharp. You’re only trying to tidy up the edges and reinforce a couple of centimetres between those bushy bad boys, but the risk of a razor is that the distinction becomes a little too sharp, like you’ve laid down a strip of tape above your nose and spray-painted hair either side. There are specific eyebrow touch-up razors — they’re tiny — that are available from pharmacies, but they demand a lot of maintenance when the stubble grows back.



If single rogue hairs are your issue, reach for the tweezers — the easy and relatively painless to treat your fuzzy edges or burgeoning monobrow. ‘Less is more’ when it comes to manscaping your eyebrows, and plucking the odd stray is the best way to subtly cultivate that more natural look — although it can be a time-consuming process if you’re tidying up more than just a couple of hairs. Keep the tweezers handy in your bathroom cabinet for other stray hairs — nose, ears, cheeks if you’re growing a beard — that you spot when you hop out of the shower every morning.


If uneven growth within the brow itself is the problem — longer follicles sticking out past the others — then have a trim. Salons can take care of this for you, and specific eyebrow-trimming scissors exist, but just a normal pair of grooming scissors through a comb will do the trick.