How to Pull Off a Buzz Cut

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A close-cropped ‘do can look proper masculine… but it doesn’t suit everyone.

Have the right noggin

We know, there’s not a lot you can do about this — but having the right head on your shoulders is an important factor when you’re considering whether to buzz or not to buzz. If you’ve got a moon face then cropping all your hair is only going to exaggerate its roundness — but the buzz cut works with rectangular heads and square jaws, producing a hyper-masculine look. You should also shelve the clippers if there are unsightly lumps and bumps on your scalp, or if you’ve got ears like Prince Charles.


Employ a fade

Your buzz cut doesn’t need to be clipped with the same military precision all over — ask the barber to mix up the No.1 and No.3 clippers to give you a little more length on top than on the sides, softening what can be a severe hairstyle. Fading is particularly handy for blokes with a receding hairline — a couple of extra milimetres on top helps mask thinning hair.


Pair it with the right facial hair

If there’s not a lot of hair up top, then keep your facial hair tight, too — rock light stubble or a tightly cropped beard rather than the full-on bushranger, which makes it look like your follicles are upside down. Jason Statham rocks this balanced look with the same length hair on his chin as his head, which is a super-easy style to maintain by simply running the same length clipper the whole way around.


Maintain it

Most hairstyles need a freshen up every four to eight weeks to keep them looking fresh, but especially the buzz cut — when you’ve only got a couple of millimetres of hair, a couple of extra mils makes all the difference. The ‘do looses its shape and sharp lines after a couple of weeks, so although it’s easy to maintain on a day-to-day basis, it does demand regular trimming, which might make a pair of clippers at home a smart investment.


Look after your scalp

If you’re running with a super-short Statham-style buzz, then you need to keep your scalp looking healthy — that means shampoo and conditioner to make sure there are no flakes of dandruff hanging around, as well as a moisturiser with built-in sun protection.