How To Groom Your Beard’s Neckline

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The caveman got left behind by evolution and his beard has also evolved over the millennia, to the point where scruffy, untamed growth is no longer acceptable in 2017. Your big bushy beard needs to be tapered around the neck to look sharp and on-trend — so take these trimming tips on board.

Where to trim

Let’s get one thing straight: defining a neckline doesn’t mean ending your beard right along the jawline. You want a defined end to your facial hair somewhere along the neck, instead. One reliable rule of thumb is two fingers above the Adam’s apple in a smooth, continuous semicircle that’s bordered by each ear. Even thick, full beards need to take off a little bulk under the chin — the growth at the bottom of the beard should be trimmed for both comfort and style.

Trim or fade?

You can maintain a super clear distinction between skin and beard with a neat trim along that imaginary semicircle line, but a more natural neckline can be achieved with a fade. This is a job best left to some quality electric clippers rather than scissors and a steady hand — trim the bottom inch of the beard with a clipper guard that’s a couple of notches shorter than the length you’re rocking with the rest of your facial hair. Cleaning up strays that land outside the semicircle is crucial, because those little stragglers totally undermined the well groomed look you’re going for.


Tidying up doesn’t end there — your scissors and clippers should never be too far away to keep your beard in top-top condition. Most importantly, keep all your follicles the same length so there are no awkward sticky-out strays poking their heads up, and it’s also essential to continually define the shape of the beard and maintain that distinct neckline — especially faded beards, where that transition from skin to hair needs to be constantly groomed. Don’t forget to tidy up around the cheeks and apply softening beard oil to keep your man mane looking neat, full, and lush.