How To Care For Your Winter Beard

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The colder months are the perfect excuse to cultivate a man mane — and these are the grooming tips you need to follow to look after it.

Let it grow

We all need a little extra protection from the elements during winter, so even though the trend in beards this year is that they’ve become shorter than the long, wispy, hipster bushrangers we’ve become accustomed to in recent years, don’t be afraid to give your follicles a little extra length when the chill starts to bite. Your face will thank you on those freezing morning commutes or those windy nights out.

grow your beard

Ease up on the hot water

In the depths of winter, a piping hot shower is about as appealing as a backstage pass to the Victoria’s Secret runway show — but resist the temptation. Warming up under scolding water isn’t good for your beard’s natural oils, which are stripped away by the hotter temps. Dry your facial follicles straight after you jump out of your (lukewarm) shower and apply beard oil right away to lock in the moisture.

Shampoo in moderation

Ignore those Pantene commercials — the key to healthy hair, be it on your chin or your head, isn’t lathering up every day. In fact, like an uber-hot shower, excessive shampooing strips away all those natural oils that build up and keep your beard feeling soft and healthy. Instead, go heavy on the conditioner, which adds moisture to your facial hair.

Choose the right beard oil

Like how you change your fragrance with the seasons, you should mix up your beard oil, too. Summer is the time to be playing around with lighter floral or citrus notes — winter, however, calls for a warm scent, with notes of spices like cinnamon and cloves, as well as leather, tobacco, and wood. You’ll look like a lumberjack and you’ll smell like one, too (in a good way).

Trust the barber

A fuller beard is no excuse for a ragged neckline, which robs your chin of any definition — so if you’re not confident tidying things up yourself, trust the professionals. Not only does the trim make your beard look neater and better groomed, it also helps it look fuller and more healthy by getting rid of wispy strays and split ends.