How to Avoid the Dangers of Manscaping

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Grooming below the belt isn’t without its risks, but here are our tips for manscaping safely.

 The risk of cutting yourself

 Just uttering the words ‘razor sharp’ and ‘dangly bits’ in the same sentence is enough to make every male reader cross his legs nervously in response, but it’s nothing a careful shaving routine can’t avoid — follow Men’s Style’s foolproof manscaping routine to do the job smoothly…

Trimming with an electric razor, exfoliating after a hot shower, and lathering up a quality shaving cream before you pick up a razor all prepares your downstairs area for a one-pass shave free of awkward lacerations, which are particularly common on the scrotum.


The risk of STIs

A survey published in Time magazine last December interviewed 14,000 American men and discovered regular manscapers are 80% more likely to contact infections like chlamydia, gonorrhoea and herpes. The study argues that blokes who trim their bush once a week enjoy more sex — at least there’s some good news — but were up to four times more likely to have an STI, which the authors suggest could be due to all those little cuts and grazes making it easier for infections to get in, especially in the type of warm, moist conditions bacteria thrive in. This is particularly the case when you shave just before sex, removing what experts call the ‘epithelial barrier’ of tissues that prevent damage to the body — some post-shave moisturiser and some time before you put your freshly shaved equipment to the test helps offset the danger.


The risks of waxing

Only about one in 20 men manscape using wax — far fewer than the number of women who put themselves through it — but it’s the neatest way to clean up your crack, and easily done if you’re already getting your back and shoulders tidied up. It’s not without its risks, though — burns, inflammation, skin tears, and general skin irritation are all on the table if you don’t wax properly, so trust a hygienic, professional salon rather than relying on a DYI job.