Hair of Superiority

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We asked Aiden Xydis, barber and owner of The Men’s Grooming Room, to tell us the essential do’s and don’ts of rocking a stylish man mane.

Apply Yourself!

“One of the biggest grooming mistakes guys make today is the way they apply product – the most common application being root to ends!” Xydis tells Men’s Style. “Before you even apply product, it’s important to first think about the look you’re trying to achieve, as this will determine which product you use and how you should work it through your hair. I would recommend chatting to your stylist as they can give you some great styling tips whilst showing you how to correctly apply the product in a way that best suits your hair and style.”

Wash Sparingly

“Depending on the texture of your hair, washing it too often can leave you with fluffy, limp locks that are hard to style,” counsels Xydis. “At home, you’ll often find it easier to style your hair after about one or two days, once your hair’s naturally gritty texture develops. Working in a good texturising powder, such as evo’s Haze, is a great way to add that extra chalkiness and long-lasting hold, extending the time between washes as the powdery substance will help absorb your hair’s natural oils. Applying product, especially at the roots, can lead to build-up, so it’s important to wash out any residue thoroughly as it can dry out your scalp. evo Therapist Shampoo + Conditioner is great hydrating duo that will help restore any moisture lost.”


Don’t Coat!

“It’s really common for guys to ‘coat’ the top layer of their hair with a minimal amount of product, which isn’t really effective and won’t last all day,” says Xydis. “It’s really important to work any product through the hair properly, sometimes even activating it by warming it up in your hands before applying. This will give you more control over the style you are creating and the direction you want your hair to go in.”

The Wrong Product

“Everyone’s hair has a unique texture, which reacts differently to various products,” he says. “It’s really important to first establish what style you want to create and then what products work best for your hair. If you have finer hair, I would avoid using any ‘heavy’ products that will weigh you hair down. Your hair will end up looking flat and possibly quite greasy. For thicker hair, you can be a bit more adventurous, working in more dense putties, clays and pastes. I always recommend testing products before investing in them and chatting to your stylist, as they’ll be able to guide you in the right direction.”



“One cut doesn’t mean one style,” concludes Xydis. “Don’t be afraid to experiment with your hair… just because your hair is cut one way, doesn’t mean you can only style it that one way. Haircuts shouldn’t be restricting. I always encourage my clients to be adventurous, showing them how easy it is to make your cut versatile by simply working in a different product every now and then.”