Four Unusual Hair Trends To Try for 2017

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If you don’t want to do the fade or the quiff or even the crew cut, perhaps you could try one of these..

Going grey

This doesn’t mean 40-somethings growing old gracefully — growing numbers of millennials are dying their hair grey as a fashion statement to stand out from the crowd in the Instagram era. Pop icon Zayn Malik is the pioneer of the ice-grey look, which offers younger men an air of experience and sophistication, but becoming a silver fox is a serious commitment — the ashen dye is an expensive, two-part process of bleaching the hair of its natural pigment before a colouring that can last eight hours, plus regular touch-ups and bottles of pricey colour-saving shampoo. Seems like lot of fuss for a look that will come naturally in a decade or two . . .


Bed head

This trend is a big fat middle finger to the tightly quiffed, no-follicle-out-of-place, Don Draper barbershop styles that have dominated recent years. Men in 2017 will be happier to wear hair over their face — like the scruffy Gallagher brothers when Oasis ruled the world in the ‘90s and Kurt Cobain’s grungy hairdo from that similar era — and emphasise the natural texture of their mane, building volume using matte wax products to exaggerate natural waves rather than slick, glossy products that flatten hair out instead. Natural, unkempt stubble will also be a feature next year.


Man braids

Hipsters are untying their man buns and arranging their follicles in a style equally as irritating: the #manbraid, which is spreading through Instagram like a weed. As plenty of commenters are pointing out, men braiding hair is nothing new — cornrows have a long history in black communities — but like rap, twerking, the word ’shizzle’, and a long list of other things white people have ruined, delicate French braids and intricate plaits have taken bloke braids somewhere else altogether.


Peroxide blond

Justin Bieber, Lucky Blue Smith, Lionel Messi — platinum blonde hair has evolved from the days of Billy Idol and Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. A few tips: steer clear if you’ve got a dark complexion or black hair, leave it to the professionals (you’re exposing your head to bleach, after all), invest in a quality colour-saving shampoo, and only dye the hair on top of your head — darker eyebrows and facial hair add extra definition to your features, and desaturated everything would just look plain weird. But summer’s a good time to make this bold statement — the platinum look suits lighter shades of clothes.