Former Olympian Michael Klim’s Rebranded Skincare Range

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Former Australian Olympian Michael Klim started his skincare brand 8 years ago and is now rebranding it, deepening the connection of the range to its founder. Michael recently spoke with Men’s Style.

The range was called Milk but is now Klim – why did you undertake a rebrand?

About a year ago we decided we wanted to keep evolving. Some of the feedback we’d got was that males don’t necessarily realise that I’m very hands-on with the brand and designed the range as its founder so we decided to make the connection stronger with the rebranded range called Klim by Milk & Co.

If a guy liked a Milk product, will he still find it in the Klim line?

Absolutely. None of the products from Milk have been deleted, we’re just adding some new products to the range. We’re launching a fragrance which will be called Aqua Beyond by Klim that will be in stores by Father’s Day, exclusively with Chemist Warehouse. It’s a day/night fragrance that will appeal to the active Aussie male who’s going to the gym and then out to a bar, or just to use in the office. It’s not heavy, it’s almost unisex in a sense.

What are the signature products and the most popular ones in the range?

I’m surprised our bestseller at the moment is our Face Wash and Scrub. When I started the range 8 years ago I would never have thought a face scrub would be that popular in Australia. We have a really good face moisturiser with an SPF 15 sunscreen, an everyday go-to moisturiser. Our Face and Body Scrub is also great for guys who are quite active, whether it’s footy or sailing or cycling, because it’s got a bit of grit and can take off the smell or the mud or whatever…


Since you started, do you think any stigma around male grooming has well and truly disappeared?

There’s been a massive shift and progression in the approach of guys to skincare. I remember when I launched I met lots of guys who used only one product, which was usually a soap, and now they’ve got three or four on the go. Plus guys have disposable income and like to spend it on themselves more now. It’s also tied in with this wellness revolution, with everyone trying to take better care of themselves, eat better, trying to hydrate. To be honest, Australia still trails behind a lot of other countries in the world but we’re moving in the right direction. Plus there’s been a lot more fashion bloggers and influencers who showcase product including skincare. The only thing I find with men is you still have to put it front of their face; you have to make it accessible. Not many men will actually go and source it – that’s stretching it [laughs].

What does your own grooming routine consist of?

Every morning I use my invigorating Body Wash, which has a rosemary and mint fragrance so it wakes you up a little bit, plus a gentle face wash, or the Face and Body Scrub in the shower. Then I apply the daily moisturiser with the SPF 15. I have my multi-purpose wipes – I have mates that clean their bikes with them as well their face – but I keep them in the bag or the car and use one after gym. It’s good to wipe your face during the day because the oil builds up, more so than it does for the girls. And I have an ultra-light face moisturiser I use at night, if you can be bothered. There’s no real routine as such…

It’s now a very competitive space – what makes Klim stand apart?

We’re trying to appeal to the active Aussie male and while the products have an aspirational feel, you can still access them during your every day shopping routine because we’re in Coles and Woolies and Chemist Warehouse. The line is Australian made, uses natural active ingredients, and is developed by another bloke. It’s not an extension of a female range … functionality is key and that’s why I developed the range, to make sure it works.



Klim is available at Coles, Woolworths, Chemist Warehouse and internationally via Amazon and Sephora as well as selected stockists.