Five Ways To Appear Younger

Categories Grooming

Slice years off your life without going under the knife by following these five tips to rejuvenate your appearance.

Take care of your hair

That doesn’t mean using industrial quantities of Just for Men to dye your locks motor-oil black, it just means putting in some effort. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of salt and pepper, just keep your cut sharp and well styled. There’s nothing wrong with going bald, just lop it off and embrace the Jason Statham vibe rather than clinging on to a combover that would make the President blush. Oh, and keep your facial hair in check — it shaves years off your life.


. . . and not just on your head

Your feathers up top aren’t the only follicles you need to pay attention to. While the hair on your head might be getting thinner, it’s only getting thicker and more unruly everywhere else — your ears, nostrils, back, and other unmentionable areas. Nothing conveys the message that you’ve given up on your appearance like strands of shoulder hair poking out from under your collar or ear hair so bushy it makes your grandpa’s seem well-groomed.

Rejuvenate your skin

Pardon us for sounding like an Oil of Olay commercial, but dry skin causes premature ageing — and while most older women’s bathroom cabinets spill over with pot after tub of balms and lotions, older men can be hesitant to moisturise their skin. Having enough sleep, quitting the cigarettes, and applying sunscreen are — as the Clinique voice-over lady might say — the other keys to healthy, younger-looking skin.


Stay fit

Keeping your body in good nick is keeping it as close to its youthful form as possible. Regular exercise and a healthy diet improves your posture, burns off belly fat, improves your skin, and helps you feel more like you felt in your 20s, before your belt ballooned out a couple of notches. Fruit and veg, exercise, plenty of sleep . . . that’s the good stuff.


Pay attention to your wardrobe

It’s time to stop chasing trends — leave graphic tees and distressed jeans to blokes 20 years your junior — but that’s not a license to channel your inner Jerry Seinfeld and resort to dad jeans and white sneakers and dodgy $10 polo shirts. Pair classic staples — slim dark denim jeans, fitted monochromatic tees, white button-downs, brown Chelsea boots — with youthful splashes of colour that lighten your overall look.