Five Tips To Smell Good All the Time

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People gravitate towards those with a pleasing odour… and not those who emit the opposite.

Invest in a high-end fragrance

Sure, you can pay $19.95 at the chemist for a designer knock-off that whiffs like petrol, or you can spend a little more on a luxury brand or a niche designer with a much better balanced scent that everyone around you is sure to notice. When you find the signature scent that works for you, stick to it — knowing you can depend on a trusty high-end fragrance fills you with confidence.


. . . as well as the right deodorant

You don’t want the stench of a $5 can of Lynx Africa overpowering your $250 bottle of Armani, so get your hands on an antiperspirant that doesn’t interfere with your scent. Unscented body wash and deodorant is not only healthier for your skin but also won’t compete with your fragrance, while a neutral roll-on or even a subtle ladies antiperspirant both provide a clean, natural foundation for you to apply your fragrance.


Change with the seasons

Now that the weather is nice and warm, a change of fragrance for summer is due — winter is perfect for warming heavy, spicy, musky scents with notes of wood, leather and tobacco, but summer calls for more casual, brighter, less intense fragrances with fresh, sweet notes of citrus, fruit, flowers and mint to suit the vibe of the season.


Apply it right

Give yourself a spritz as soon as you’ve dried yourself after your morning shower, spraying your neck from about 15cm away (or in the case of cologne, dabbing it on your neck with a fingertip). Body heat projects the aroma, so the neck — both under the jaw and behind the head — is a much better option than the wrists, which bump against things all day and wear away the fragrance. Never rub it into your skin — that overheats the sweeter top notes and destroys the balance of the scent — and don’t slap it on too heavy — even if your nose is used to the smell, people around you will easily notice just a subtle spray.


Keep your clothes clean

There’s not much a fragrance can do if you pong like yesterday’s gym session, so wash yourself and your clothes regularly. Never get lazy and be tempted by that thought of ‘Hmmm, maybe I can re-use yesterday’s business shirt . . .’ — you could bathe in Paco Rabanne and it won’t mask the dank stench of day-old sweat — and give your wardrobe a regular spray with an odour-free air freshener to keep your clothes smelling crisp. Oh, and don’t apply your fragrance directly onto your clothing — it damages the fabric and sweat will sour the overall accord of the scent.