Five Summer Grooming Tips

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The steps to take to ensure your grooming routine has you prepared for the weather.

Wash your face

Cleansing your face should be part of your daily grooming routine 12 months a year, but it’s especially critical in summer when all that extra sweat threatens to clog your pores. Use a deep-cleansing face wash to wipe away dirt and oil, exfoliate to clear away dead skin and open the pores, then apply moisturiser to hydrate the skin . . . done!


Tame your beard

Gone are the days of full-grown lumberjack beards — summer is time for some stylish stubble. Shorter facial hair is more comfortable for the warmer months, with men opting for a more contoured and structured style squared off beneath the chin to emphasise the jawline. It’s also time to swap winter’s warm, woody beard oil for something light and citrusy to suit the season.


Lighten up your fragrance

Like your beard oil, the change of season also calls for a change in the scents you’re using — summer’s time for fresh, mild, sweet fragrances applied lightly instead of the heavy, complex ones you employed during winter. Look for something with notes of citrus, fruit, mint and lavender.


Shaggy or slick?

Although the Mad Men-esque quiff — slicked back with a pomade to make sure no hair falls out of place — isn’t going anywhere in 2017, summer is a great time to try a shaggier ‘do. 1970s-style mid-length hair — sitting over the ears but above the shoulders — is enjoying a revival; use a paste or sea salt spray for added texture and volume.


Slip, slop, slap

Remember how your mum always told you to apply sunscreen half an hour before going out in the sun? She was concerned about skin cancer, but that’s not the only risk — sunburn ages the skin and causes unsightly peeling. Re-apply the SPF 50+ every two hours and have a good aloe vera gel ready to soothe any burn just in case.