Five Skincare Tips You Can Actually Follow

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Clay masks? Q10 eye cream? A jojoba-infused anti-ageing lotion that’s tailored to your ‘luminosity index’? Yeah, these luxe products might not find their way into your daily skincare regime. But here are five tips every bloke can follow to keep their face looking radiant.

Don’t forget to cleanse

Not just with a regular cake of soap, which is way too harsh, but a facial cleanser that suits your skin type to remove excess oils and toxins and maintain a more even skin tone. Open up the pores every morning in the shower then lightly rub in the product for 30 seconds and rinse with cold water to close the pores again, before patting the face dry. A simple way to refresh your face but don’t use a cleanser any more than twice a day, otherwise you’ll dry out the skin.

Scrub your face

Men have thicker skin and bigger pores than women, so having a facial scrub in the bathroom cabinet is even more important for those of us who possess the Y chromosome. Exfoliating removes those dead skin cells that clog the pores (and lay the foundation for break-outs), and give new skin cells the chance to rejuvenate the face. There’s no need to scrub too hard — just a gentle rub around the face does the trick, especially before a shave, removing dead skin cells that stand between the blade and a smooth one-pass shave.

Actually moisturise

If there’s one skincare tip you follow, it’s this one: moisturise to lock in nourishing oils, fight ageing, and keep your skin looking bright and firm and young. Moisturiser should be applied after washing your face after a cleanse and scrub in the morning and before you go to bed, and keep your skin type in mind — it’s especially important for men with dry or sensitive skin, whereas gents with oily skin or a greasy T-zone can go a little lighter.

Protect yourself from the sun

Nothing accelerates the ageing process quite like exposure to the sun, which transforms your supple skin into something that resembles the seat of an old leather couch. Plenty of moisturisers now come with in-built SPF protection — but if you know you’re spending plenty of time out in the sun, slip-slop-slap even more thoroughly with a liberal application of sunscreen.

Nail your shaving routine

Dull razors and a hurried shave is also waiting to wreak havoc on your skin. The keys to a smooth, non-irritating shave are preparing the skin with a warm shower, applying a dense gel-based shaving cream that creates a thick lather, shaving slowly and meticulously with a razor-sharp razor, then applying a post-shave balm containing ingredients like aloe vera and Vitamin E to soothe any irritation.