Five Reasons You Must Care For Your Skin

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The occasional bit of soap and water just won’t do the trick…

Recent research by Roy Morgan showed that 3.7 million Aussie men aged 14 and over bought at least one skincare product in any given six months. That’s 37.9 per cent, which means that the vast majority of fellas still aren’t looking after their skin correctly. As a comparison, 83.7 per cent of women will have bought equivalent products in the same period.

Men are doing themselves any favours and here’s why:

1. Blemishes

While we associate acne with adolescence, up to 50 per cent of men will suffer pimples through to the age of 40. Granted, they might not be the bastard bumper crops of your terrible teens, but they’ll still raise their ugly and painful heads. You can minimise this with proper cleansing of oils that build up, block pores and cause infection and inflammation.


2. Shaving

Shaving is a regime that the majority of men subject their skin to regularly. The act of shaving has a salutary effect in that it helps to remove layers of dead skin cells. But it can also leave skin dry and/or inflict cuts and abrasions. Ensure you minimise the damage and maximise exfoliation by shaving after relaxing the skin with steam and/or warm water. Shave gently with a good quality oil or cream and ensure you rinse and moisturise.


3. Dry Skin

Our lifestyles – including exposure to the elements, prolonged time in air-conditioning, and the consumption of coffee, alcohol and certain foods – can contribute to drier than normal skin. Conditions such as eczema and psoriasis can also lead to a flaky face. Combat this with a gentle exfoliating scrub in a shower whose water isn’t too scalding as excess heat only compounds the dehydration. Moisturise after the shower – and keep a moisturiser with you to re-apply during the day.


4. Sun Damage

Leading moisturiser brands include sunscreen in their offering. Take them up on it because incidental sun damage causes irreversible aging to the skin, not to mention being potentially deadly. Having moisturiser with you – in your briefcase, gym bag or desk drawer – means you won’t be caught out. Also: simple shade protection – a hat, or staying out of prolonged intense sunlight – is sensible skin care.


5. What You Need

The basics are pretty simple. A good face cleanser that’ll wash away the excess sebum – oils – that most men produce. Go for one that’s gentle and can be used daily, preferably containing alpha-hydroxy acid. Go for a moisturiser that’s non-greasy and one that’s non-comedogenic, which means that they are water-based and so don’t produce or aggravate acne.