Five mistakes you might be making with hair product… and how to fix them

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It’s one of the most common stuff-ups a man can make with his hair – over-reliance on and mis-use of styling product.

Using too much goop

Less is more — just like how you wouldn’t spray on cologne like it’s deodorant, you shouldn’t lather on hair product like it’s shampoo. Heavy-handed application leaves your hair stiff, greasy, and riddled with flakes resembling dandruff. You don’t need to apply anything bigger than a 10-cent piece distributed evenly throughout your mane, adding some hold but retaining plenty of flexibility for a natural, not-too-stiff finish.


Not drying your hair properly

 Excess moisture dilutes the product, and leaves your hair stiff and brittle. Dryness leaves your hair flat and dull — that dusty look is the result of applying cream to bone-dry hair. Of course, it depends on the type of product — creams and pastes suit damp hair, whereas pomade and soft waxes should be applied to dry hair, and mousses can be thrown in the bin alongside the rest of your relics from the early 2000s.


Choosing the wrong product

Dark hair generally needs a product that adds shine — like pomade or a styling cream for that hydrated, glossy look — whereas lighter hair is enhanced by product that generates a dry matte finish, such as a styling paste. And make sure you apply it right, too — run the product through your entire mane, not just clumped at the front.


Not dying your hair properly

There’s nothing wrong with going grey gracefully — George Clooney’s been rocking the salt and pepper since he was in kindergarten — but be careful if you opt to dye your locks, because a monotone mane can flush out your skin tone and resemble a Lego man’s hair helmet. Trust a professional with dying your hair, asking them to blend your white strands into your coloured ones — YouTube tutorials and supermarket kits never end well.

Clinging on to thinning hair

If you’re losing a few feathers on top, don’t ignore it — style your hair accordingly . . . and don’t consider the US President-elect’s combover a license for you to sport one, too. Thinning hair should be cut short and styled with the right product — slicking it back only reduces volume and exaggerates a receding hairline, whereas a moulding cream or sea salt spray amplifies the volume of the locks you’ve got left.