Five Manscaping Hacks Every Man Must Know

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The grooming routine will be much easier and more effective if you can master these basics…

Use the right tools

The coarseness of your pubes increase the chance of a painful ingrown hair, so trim below the belt before reaching for the razor — it makes the shave a lot easier when the blade isn’t fighting its way through Amazonian bush. Don’t use that pair of razor-sharp scissors — they could too easily nick one of your lumps or bumps — but an electric clipper can do the job . . . so long as it gets a thorough clean before going back near your face.



You know how much easier it is to shave your face after a hot shower, so why not do the same when it comes to shearing downstairs? A steamy shower softens your stands, exfoliates your pores, and lubricates the area you’ll be shaving, and good quality shaving cream in a thick lather readies the hair for a smooth one-pass shave.


Shave the sack . . .

Put the clippers away — the ball sack is a job for plenty of shaving cream, a good razor, lots of little strokes (cleaning the blade after each pass), and plenty of patience. Same deal with the base of the shaft (remember that cheesy old line about trimming the hedges so the tree looks taller?). Don’t be scared of a super sharp razor — you don’t want to be hacking away with a dull blade — and strategically position a mirror to pay extra attention to all the tricky bumps and grooves you can’t see.

. . . and wax the crack

Some well groomed public hair? Sure, that’s masculine. An arse crack so hairy it looks like you’re smuggling Jimi Hendrix’s afro in the backside of your undies? That’s not getting anyone’s motor running. When you get your back waxed, throw in the crack, too — it takes no extra time and isn’t that painful. Besides, just think of everything women go through to groom their sensitive parts — a crack wax is the least you can do.

Post-shave care

Again, follow the routine you have when you shave your face — rinse the shaved area with cold water  to reduce redness, gently pat yourself dry, then apply a post-shave moisturiser to soothe and refresh the skin (an aloe vera product is the perfect way to silence that urge screaming ‘Scratch me! Scratch me!!’). A couple of nicks are only natural, especially if you’re a relative rookie, and it’s nothing that can’t be fixed by soap and water and a little pressure to stem the bleeding.