Five Low-Maintenance Haircuts

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If your grooming to-do list is already bursting at the seams, save five minutes with these easy styles that don’t demand too much attention.

Buzz cut

There aren’t too many hairdos that require less grooming than this short military number, which doesn’t require any product whatsoever. But although it lets you subtract hair from your morning routine, a buzz cut isn’t completely no maintenance — the un-styled style grows out scruffily if you don’t return to the barber every month or so for a tidy up, or invest in your own pair of clippers.

Crew cut

A closely cropped cousin of the buzz cut that just has a little more length on top, fading from front to back as well as tapering down the neck, featuring a close shave on the sides (which also requires regular trips back to your stylist). The feathers are normally styled upwards with gel or wax, creating a casual, spiky look. Flattering on thinning hairlines that could use the extra texture on top.

French crop

A simple, versatile style that works with nearly every face shape, made up of tapered sides and a distinct fringe that’s either combed to the side or pushed forward over the forehead, requiring little more than a pinch of pomade run through your mane for a matte finish. The contemporary trend is dramatically short sides contrasting with the hair on top, which can be point cut by your barber for that choppy, textured effect.

Long hair

If you’ve got a full head of hair and you’re sick of spending time (and cash) in the barber’s chair, let it grow out. Trust your stylist to shape your bro flow initially, which looks great with naturally thick and wavy locks — and even though a spritz of sea salt spray takes a little effort every morning, a messy longer style grows out better than a tighter crop (meaning less hair appointments). That shaggy look is what you’re going for.

Chrome dome

For the man who’s fed up with all this follicle fuss (or doesn’t have a choice once the hairline marches back). Bruce Willis, The Rock, Vin Diesel, Pitbull . . . if they can rock a nude nut, so can you.