Five Hairstyles For Silver Foxes

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The best hairstyles for when there’s more salt than pepper in your locks.

Tight crop

A short back and sides never goes out of style — especially in shades of grey, displaying different tones of salt and pepper sprinkled throughout the strands. Hair that’s losing its pigment is also often prone to thinning and breakage but this sharp, tight cut allows the stylist to add some choppy texture and extra volume on top to distract from any thinning.

Side part

A receding hairline can also be masked with a swept-back mane, which highlights streaks of grey, too. Avoid any product that’s too oily or shiny and instead stick to something that produces a matte finish like a textured paste, generating plenty of volume for that extra length on top.


Street style icon Nick Wooster is perhaps the only man on earth that rivals George Clooney for the title of ’Chief Silver Fox’, so whatever style he’s rocking, we’re on board with. Wooster’s aggressive fade — styled with a tight beard, the facial hair trend of the moment — makes a feature of his rugged grey mane. A style that requires thick, immaculately maintained follicles.

Bro flow

If you’re proud of your seasoned grey locks and your hair is as thick as ever, consider growing it out — Jeff Bridges has continued to cultivate his magnificent mane years after The Dude’s trademark flow began to lose its colour. Longer hair does require plenty of maintenance, though — grey hair trends to be wiry and dry, so a strict shampoo and conditioning regimen is necessary to avoid split ends and frizz.

Buzz cut

A military crop works with pretty much all hair types and face shapes, so if you’re self-conscious about going grey, pare it back with this conservative, quintessentially masculine style, which also draws attention away from thinning hair. And if you really can’t stand any greys at all, the option to colour it is on the table, so long as you follow some basic dos and don’ts:

The Do’s and Don’ts of Colouring Your Hair