Five Haircare Tips Even Lazy Men Can Follow

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Let’s be honest — it takes a special type of man to prepare an egg-based hair mask for extra-glossy strands or invest $115 in a titanium comb to tame their Jared Leto-esque locks. But these five easy hair care tips are pieces of advice any bloke can take on board.

Wash your hair every two or three days

 Not too often, not too occasionally, just the right amount. Every man’s mane is different but unless you’re depositing an industrial quantity of pomade on your noggin every morning, you should allow your hair’s natural oils to hang around for more than 24 hours before stripping them away with shampoo — over-shampooing dries out your scalp and strands.


Condition before you shampoo

This sounds like a fad dreamed up by a women’s gossip mag but hear us out. Firstly, conditioning works by locking in moisture — so what better time to do that than before you’ve flushed away your hair’s natural oils with shampoo? And secondly, lathering up shampoo after you’ve applied conditioner removes that greasy residue that sometimes sticks around with heavy conditioners. Give it a try.

Have a colder shower

Speaking of those natural oils, they’re no fan of a scolding hot shower, so dial the temperature back a little bit. Your hair is pretty sensitive to heat in general so take it easy on the blow-drying, too — your towel or an air-dry are gentler options than a blast with a blow-drier, but if you insist, use a nourishing oil to fight the dryness.


Brush your hair

With a wide-toothed comb on wet hair when you hop out of the shower in the morning, then with a brush at the end of the day. The reason? To stimulate the scalp and distribute those natural oils it produces, hydrating your hair and giving it a healthy shine.

Go easy on the product

 Okay, this tip does demand a little effort — firstly, to read the label and make sure dehydrating alcohol isn’t on the ingredients list, and secondly, to resist the urge to apply more product than the Fonz, David Beckham, and Draco Malfoy put together. Wax, pomade, clay, creme, paste, gel . . . you only need to apply an amount roughly the size of a coin. Too much makes your hair appear greasy and the build-up blocks the pores on your scalp.