Five Grooming Habits To Nail While You’re Young

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Get into a proper routine early and it will become second nature… and protect your best assets well beyond middle age.


Even if you think your skin’s greasier than the bottom of a cheap pizza box, you still need to moisturise to delay the inevitable crow’s feet at the corners of your eyes and deep creases around your nose and mouth later in life. But look at the ingredients list depending on your type of skin — oil-based moisturisers suit drier skin while alcohol-based products dry out greasier faces — and apply often, especially after shaving and showers.


“Slow is smooth and smooth is fast”, and nowhere is that cliche truer than with a razor in hand, pinning down a routine to follow for decades to come. No matter how busy your mornings are, make time to shave properly — and that includes softening your stubble with a steamy shower, lathering up a quality cream, using a razor that’s, well, razor sharp (replaced at least once a week), and cleansing your skin with a facial wash then an after-shave lotion to refresh the skin.


As if avoiding lobster-red sunburn wasn’t enough of a short-term incentive to slip-slop-slap, then think about that old codger getting around the beach in his budgie smugglers with skin that looks like a microwaved prune. SPF 50+ is great for the harsh summer rays but a little bit of light sunscreen or a sunscreen-infused moisturiser is perfect to protect your skin even on cloudy or colder days.


Brushing your teeth is a habit we should all nail young, really young. Like, as a kid. But now that you’re a grown-up, floss, mouthwash and even a tongue scraper should also play a daily role in your mouth care regime. Nailing these basics — as well as yearly visits to the dentist, which you shouldn’t skip now that mum doesn’t make your appointment anymore — fights tooth decay, prevents gum disease, and delays the onset of the dreaded old man breath.


After your 20s, your metabolism slows down faster than John Goodman at the back end of a running race, so make this investment in your own health while you’re young. Form the habit of preparing healthy meals and following a sustainable exercise plan, which is obviously great for your weight and health, but also your skin and hair thanks to the boosted production of collagen that comes with physical activity.