Checklist: 5 Essential Grooming Steps

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Five things a man needs to check before he heads out the door.


Establishing a relationship with a good barber or hairdresser is money well spent. If you’ve noticed your hair has got to that fluffy, slightly-out-of-control stage, so have others. Don’t let it get to that stage. Once you’ve worked out what ‘do works for you, keep it well-maintained. Doing otherwise suggests you’re slipping in the overall appearance stakes.



Women do it almost religiously but men vary in their diligence about checking their teeth for 1) remnants of lunch and 2) bad breath caused by irregularly brushed/flossed teeth. A quick smile at yourself in the mirror before you head for the door, plus a strong exhale into your palm, should help you determine whether either 1) or 2) are a problem. Take the obvious steps: brushing and flossing to attack 1) and mouthwash (check online for natural homemade versions employing little more than water, baking soda, tee tree and peppermint oil) for 2).


Dark Circles

Tiredness from some late nights either working or carousing (or both) will quickly result in signs of age – dark circles under the eyes, puffiness and bloating. There is a growing range of product on the market now for men to counter these telltale signs – some effective, some not. Find the one that works for you and apply as part of your morning routine.


More hair

Particularly as he ages, a man finds tough, stringy hair emerging from all sorts of places it once didn’t – the nostrils, ears and John Howard-like eyebrows are particular problem areas. Letting the eyebrows get bushy can add a certain gravitas and authority but in general, letting any of these areas get hairy suggests a man who doesn’t care about his appearance. Even some basic haircare kits these days include specific trimming tools to keep these areas under control and your overall appearance, well groomed.



Many men still scoff at care of their fingernails as an overly feminine pursuit but believe us, if you’re in a meeting and it’s, you know, kinda boring, someone will be looking at your hands and those chewed, uneven, unkempt talons you call fingernails. There’s no need to visit a salon… just learn some basics of trimming, filing, etc and learn that beneath the nice watch and the expensive shirt cuff, there should be some well-manicured man hands.