Five Essential Fragrance Tips

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With more and more guys owning one or more expensive men’s fragrance, it’s worth knowing how to treat the product.

1. Keep it cool

Your fragrance probably contains alcohol, and you should store it like you would wine or beer: by keeping it away from heat and light to stop your scent from spoiling. In fact, keeping your cologne in the fridge is a great way of preserving its strength — but a dark bathroom cabinet will also do the trick.

2. Warm it up

But when the fragrance is on your body, heats helps project the aroma — so warm areas like your neck, and even spots like your elbows and the back of your knees, are perfect places to apply a scent. Avoid behind the ears (nearby oil glands sour the smell) and the inside of the wrists (they brush against all sorts of things that rub the scent away).

3. Give it time

Your nose can detect a fragrance’s top notes — the lighter, sweeter smells — as soon as you apply it, but it normally takes at least half an hour for the base notes — heavier, longer lasting aromas — to come to the fore. So if you want to smell your best for your date, pop on your fragrance with plenty of time to spare.


4. Hands off

Don’t try to activate a scent by rubbing your skin straight after application — this only overheats the fragrance, ruins the top notes, and dulls the overall accord. And remember, even if your nose might have acclimatised to the fragrance, others are sure to notice a subtle scent — so don’t layer it on too thick.

5. Concentrate!

There are different strengths of fragrance concentration, meaning the percentage of fragrance oil that’s mixed with water and alcohol to make up the finished product. At 2-8 per cent, a more subtle Eau de Cologne lasts for a couple of hours, an Eau de Toilette (5-20 per cent) lasts a little longer, while an Eau de Parfum (10-30 per cent) stands up for 5-10 hours, so you get what you pay for when you invest in a niche, top-line Parfum.



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