Five Clothing Shortcuts You Need To Know…

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Simple solutions to vexing menswear problems…

1.Missing Socks No More

It’s been a joke for as long as washing machines have been around. Just where do those odd socks get to? We actually don’t know. But we do know how to stop them escaping. Invest in a quality mesh bag, hang it somewhere in your house and deposit your dirty socks in it unrolled each time you take them off. On washday, toss the bag, drawstring tightened, into wash. Do the same in the dryer. The little sneaks will never get away again.


2. Steam Iron Your Shirt In The Morning

Take your shirt, buttons all fastened, into the bathroom, and hang from a coathanger on the towel rail, as close to the shower as you can without it getting splashed. Have a scorching hot shower, brush your teeth, shave and do your skin care routine. Ten to fifteen minutes of steamy conditions should be enough to remove all the small wrinkles from your shirt. And it’ll smell fresh.

3. Straighten That Collar

Got a shirt with a collar that needs to look sharp and straight but can’t be bothered setting up the ironing board? Borrow your girlfriend’s hair wand. The flat irons are perfect for quick ironing collars and cuffs. So much so that you might want to invest in one, regardless of your relationship status.


4. Keep Yourself Flying High

No matter how suave you think you look, if your trouser zipper is at half-mast then you’re going to be a laughingstock. Thing is, unless there’s a mighty breeze blowing, sometimes you’re the last to know your fly is down. Simple solution? An elastic band through the eyelet of your zipper and around your trouser button keeps everything ship-shape. An enterprising company even sells ‘em. (but once you see how simple it is, a hair elastic will seem an obvious solution).

5. Undo The Shrinkage

It’s happened to all of us – that favourite jumper’s gone into the dryer at a high heat and come out looking like it’d fit a child. But fear not! You can undo the damage if you’re careful. Soak your shrunken clothing in hot water with liberal amounts of hair conditioner for five minutes. Then gently – emphasis: gently – stretch it back evenly into shape. Allow it to air dry. Note: if this doesn’t work the chances are you’ve actually put on weight and the clothing’s not to blame. Time for the gym!