Everything You Need to Know About Shaving Your Chest

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Tidying up for the beach? Your partner? To try and emulate Michelangelo’s David? Whatever your motivation, this is what you need to know about manscaping a granite-smooth chest. 

Should you?

Up to you, dude. Do you prefer your eggs easy over or sunny side up? Is your go-to suit grey or blue? Bella or Gigi Hadid? Manscaping is a personal preference thing for you, as well as the women in your life, who might prefer the rugged bearded look accompanied by a bit of pectoral fuzz, or the clean-shaven Ken Doll vibe. There’s nothing wrong with a hairless chest if that’s what you’re after, but do it right to avoid razor burn, ingrown hairs, irritating rashes, and all those other pesky shaving problems.


Your hair grows back faster and stubblier than it does after a wax, but there’s the obvious upside of dodging all that pain. How often should you pick up the razor? Depends how hirsute you are, and how much you hate stubble — five o’clock shadow doesn’t look or feel particularly nice so you’ll have to tackle it every few days or so to keep things smooth (perhaps a little longer between drinks for blokes who are particularly prone to razor burn).

 After trimming any serious carpet to lay the foundation for a silky one-pass shave, stick to the same process you use to shave your face — jump in the shower to soften up the strands, lather up a quality shaving cream rather than the foamy stuff you get out of a cheap can, prepare a razor sharp razor, shave in short slow strokes to avoid cuts and rashes, then apply an aftershave moisturiser to cool and soothe the skin, exfoliating a couple of times a week to keep painful ingrowns at bay.



 Want to strike that balance between the BeeGees rocking an open-necked satin shirt and a hairless Olympic swimmer? Find the right length of clipper guard on your electric razor to retain a bit of a well-groomed rug across your chest. Just watch those nipples — that’s a slow and steady job to be done with scissors, patience, and a steady hand.


As anyone who’s seen the 40-year-old Virgin can tell you, waxing your chest is a seriously painful proposition. Does take away a lot of that weekly maintenance, but not all of it — heading back to the salon once a fortnight to keep things smooth isn’t cheap or easy — and then there’s the pain factor. Ouch.