The Do’s and Don’ts of Colouring Your Hair

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Adding some colour to your hair can make a fashion statement and mix up your look but also be a disaster if you don’t get it right…

Do trust a professional

The first time you notice a few greys and start to consider a dye, make an appointment at a salon — colouring is too easy to botch, especially techniques like toning or bleaching. If you’re only blending a few greys into your natural hair colour — and you’re confident you know what you’re doing — then an at-home colourant is a good budget alternative.

Don’t go permanent right away

There are three levels of colour — semi-permanent, demo-permanent, and permanent — and you should dip your toe in the water with a semi-permanent colour before graduating to something more unfading. A semi-permanent dye shouldn’t change your natural colour too much, and washes out after a couple of weeks.

Do remember your skin tone

Fair skin, fair hair — stick to blonde and warm brown hues that don’t wash your face of its colour. If your complexion’s more Mediterranean than Manchester, then you can go with something darker with warm highlights. And always take care to not depart too far from your original hair colour.

Don’t be afraid of grey

George Clooney’s never seen a bottle of colourant and that’s working alright for him, twice voted the sexiest bloke on the planet with a mane of grey hair. The silver fox style is a modern, mature look — so don’t feel pressure to dye your hair if you’re happy rocking the salt and pepper instead.

Do protect your hair

Dyed hair can become brittle and coarse, so take care of it — wash your locks in cold water, invest in a colour-saving shampoo and a moisture-lock conditioner, don’t expose your hair to the sun and harsh chemicals like chlorine, and dry and comb it gently.

Don’t be scared of peroxide

Justin Bieber, Lucky Blue Smith, and Lionel Messi have all rocked the platinum blonde look, one of the cutting-edge (get it?) hair trends of 2017.

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It’s a bold statement but you can pull it off if you’ve got a fair complexion, a good colour-saving shampoo, and darker eyebrows and facial hair to add definition to your features.