Do you Have Tinder Hair?

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Do you have tinder hair? Swipe left or swipe right? It might depend on your hair style and colour…

The owners of Philip James Hair Salon in Chicago were fascinated by the role that hair played in the snap-decision hot-or-not environment of online hook-ups and dating.

So they conducted a poll to find out “if your hair’s hinderin’ your Tinderin’.

Some of the results include:

* 62 per cent of people attracted to men think red hair is the worst.

* But 56 per cent give brown hair the swipe right, while black hair scored 23 per cent and blonde just 14 per cent.

* Straight women preferred crew cuts four times more than any other style.

* 53 per cent of people attracted to men like facial hair, but 49 per cent think long beards are the worst.

tinder hair

For more, check out the full infographic here:

tinder hair