Our Picks – New Fragrances

Categories Grooming


David Beckham Aqua Classic

This fourth member of DB’s Classic Collection is “dedicated to men of style”, which translates as meaning it’s for over-30 suited-and-booted types. Far higher quality than the price suggests, it cleverly melds old school with contemporary touches. Refreshing and dynamic, the violet in the opening, along with sage and geranium, are the backbone of this long-lasting aromatic/woody. It’s a limited edition so don’t hesitate. $39; Chemist Warehouse, Priceline and independent pharmacies.

CK2 Fragrance

Calvin Klein CK2

CKOne has been the world’s favourite unisex fragrance since it debuted in 1994. Instead of re-hashing the same label, the fashion house has moved with the times and declared this woodsy/fresh follow-up as the first gender-free fragrance. That’s not such a stretch – men have worn floral fragrances for over a century without knowing it. Hot with a wasabi opening note, energetic florals such as violet and rose mix with vetiver and sandalwood for longevity. From $79; David Jones, Myer, Priceline and selected pharmacies.