Best Widow’s Peak Hairstyles

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If you’re not comfortable with the v-shaped hairline in the middle of your forehead  – the so-called ‘widow’s peak’ – here are some hairstyles that draw attention away from it.

Side part

Simple, on-trend style makes a feature of your natural V-shaped hairline, sweeping your hair to the side from the peak’s highest point. Use wax and hairspray for a strong, shiny hold or clay for a more textured, natural finish. The side part suits blokes with a longer face shape.

Fade or taper

Rounder-faced men should strive to elongate their dial, which is achieved by a tapered undercut that leaves more hair on top than on the sides — a cut that also flatters widow’s peaks that are formed by a receding headline. Style it in any number of ways — a quiff or pompadour to name two contemporary choices.

Long hair

If you want to disguise your widow’s peak, grow your hair out. Go for medium-length curls sitting naturally, ‘70s style long hair pushed to one side, or a relaxed bro flow brushed back. Another option that men with wide faces should avoid in favour of cuts that add extra volume on top.

Slicked back

Show off your natural hairline by grabbing a dollop of water-based pomade and sweeping it back away from your face — think Leonardo DiCaprio in The Great Gatsby. If your widow’s peak is caused by a receding hairline, though, steer clear of this style that exposes thinning follicles up top.

Buzz cut

If your feathers are on the march back, divert attention to your facial features by lopping off all your hair. A low-maintenance buzz cut is a failsafe option, especially for blokes with an angular jaw, whereas a crew cut with a little extra length can cover up a bit of bareness on top.