Best Hairstyles For Men With Curly Hair

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It’s hard to tame an unruly mane of curls, but here are five stylish dos for blokes with wavy hair . . .


The undercut isn’t going out of style anytime soon and curls help you stand out from the crowd by adding more volume and a completely different texture. This style is also relatively easy to maintain because it’s shaved around the sides — but make sure the cut is tapered, otherwise you’ll look like a walking mushroom. Also works well when quiffed away from the face.



Same deal as the undercut — a popular vintage aesthetic that can be reinvented by the extra volume your curls offer. Wavy locks can’t replicate a super tight Elvis-esque pompadour so rock what you’ve got and create a totally different look to anything straight hair could achieve, taming your locks with a good quality mousse.


Long hair

A statement style that varies greatly depending on styling and product, long curls are best done messy, controlling the wild mane either by applying a clump of styling foam to damp hair or using sea salt spray for that laid-back beach vibe. Use a product that adds gloss if your hair starts tumbling past your shoulders, and tie it back in a sleek, low ponytail for more formal occasions.



Shorter than the previous style — grown out, but not quite at shoulder length — a medium-length bob of voluminous curls frames your face and adds definition to your features, especially your cheekbones and jawline, meaning it works particularly well for blokes with a square-shaped face. Apply a creamy pomade for extra moisture, but this is another cut that looks best messy.


Buzz cut

If all this talk of maintaining long curls sounds like a chore, consider shaving them off altogether. The buzz cut is a masculine classic that never goes out of style and if chopping off your hair also cuts 20 minutes out of your morning routine — and a dozen products out of your bathroom cabinet — then embrace the shaved head.