Are you using the right hairbrush for your hair type?

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When it comes to styling your hair, it’s easy to focus on the type of product you’re applying and overlook the tool you’re using to apply it — but your choice of hairbrush can be just as important to the overall look.

By adding shine, volume, and texture to your hair, the right brush is critical to your ‘do — so from the most luscious locks to the thinnest receding hairline, we run the rule over the different varieties of brushes so you know what’s right for your mane.


Nylon bristles are perfect for taming super thick hair, stiff enough to untangle dense knots, firmly massage your scalp, and spread those natural oils evenly throughout your strands. Synthetic bristles also produce less static than natural fibres, but be warned — the stiffness can exacerbate hair loss by causing breakage.



Bristles made of boar hair are more expensive because of their material, but they’re worth the investment if you need something gentler for your thinner, more delicate locks. The soft bristles help make your hair appear thicker and more shiny, perfect if you’re a little thin on top.


Mixed bristle

A little from column A, a little from column B — and this combination of stiff nylon and soft boar bristles makes this type of brush a favourite for its versatility; a capable all-rounder on most men’s hair.



A large, flat brush with an air-filled rubber cushion that straightens curly hair, massages the scalp, and flattens out frizz while still leaving a little texture.



The large openings on the head of the brush and the widely spread bristle creates an airflow that helps the hair dry quicker, removing the need to blow-dry (and avoiding all the damage that comes with heat exposure). The spaced-out bristles also generate more volume and texture.



Held in the palm of the hand because it features no handle, the type of hairstyle this brush suits is in the name: short, slicked-back, conservative haircuts. The stiff bristles produce shine and smoothness for that old-school style.



With bristles around the whole head, a radial hairbrush is perfect for blokes going to a dress-up party dressed as the BeeGees — blow-dry and style long locks with a round hairbrush for those serious ’70s curls.